Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Motherboard is called as mainboard.There are plenty of components in this motherboard.This motherboard plays the major role in the hardware components.

1.Motherboard AT(Advanced Technology) keyboard interface connected-5 pins

2.Motherboard AT Power supply connected-12 pins

3.EDO(Extended data output) RAM slot

4.SD(symchrome dynamic)RAM slot

5.Primary hard disk controller-40 pins

6.Secondary hard disk controller-40 pins

The Hard disk controller is used to connect the interface cable in the motherboard

In latest version of the motherboard, SETA cable controllers are used.

7.Floppy disk controller-34 pins

8.Printer controller-25 pins

9.mouse port-9 pins

10.modem port-9 pins

11.ps(personal system)2 port-5 pins

12.USB(universal serial bus)-8 pins

13.PCI slot(white colour)

This PCI slot is used to connect the VGA card,TV tunner card,sound card in   your mother board

14.ISA slot(Industrial standard architecture) (black colour)

15.CMOS(complementary metal oxide semi conductor) IC or BIOS(basic input output system) IC 

16.CMOS or BIOS Battery-3 volt

17.Processor socket


19.Heat zink


 Jumper settings is near the cmos battery.To clear the BIOS or CMOS settings password,date,time and to reset the BIOS settings,this jumper is placed alternatively and again replace to original position

 21.Front panel connection in motherboard

 Power LED-2pins
 Restart switch-2pins
 Power switch-2pins

 The Front panel buttons,speaker connection,Power LED all are given to the motherboard.There is the connection pins in the motherboard and that allows you to connect the panel buttons,speaker,power switch,power LED